The Best Advice on Children's Products


Dr. Toy’s Smart Play/Smart Toys


Dr. Toy’s Smart Play/Smart Toys: How to Select and Use the Best Toys & GamesFourth Edition on Sale Now! A child’s ability to play is more than fun and diversion; play is critical for his or her emotional, physical, creative, and intellectual growth, and teaches everything from social skills to critical thinking. For the developing [...]

Dr. Toy names OWI Best Green Toy Company 2014


Dr. Toy proudly announces its choice of OWI, Inc. as its Best Green Toy Company for 2014. See Dr. Toy’s press release for all of the winners for Dr. Toy’s Best Green Children’s products 2014. About the Best Green Toy Company 2014 – OWI, Inc. OWI Robotics is a proud Dr. Toy’s Alumni Member. View [...]

Dr. Toy launches the Magic Toy Box


Dr. Toy announces the opening of Magic Toy Box – a virtual toy museum and marketplace for children and adults alike, powered by super-mart emergent technology. In the magical world that is Magic Toy Box, you can learn about your favorite toys, discover new ones, share with your friends and loved ones through social media, [...]

Laser Pegs: Building With Light


Jon Capriola is taking on a toy Goliath by making a run at Lego with his own line of buildable bricks and construction toys. The Sarasota entrepreneur’s Laser Pegs toys started as an idea in Capriola’s garage and, a decade later, his company has become one of the fastest-growing toy brands on retail shelves. The [...]

OWI Robotics: Solar-Powered Genius


Solar Power and Robotics Some of the most popular robotic kits are also the friendliest towards the environment. Current solar technology has allowed kit designers to include solar panels to replace batteries that would eventually end up in landfills. Solar-powered robots can range from simple to complex, and they can be an excellent way for [...]

Metamorphic Toys Powered by the Imagination of Children


The daughter of a product designer and artist inspired the founding of Metamorphic Toys with her creative imagination. As Dave Berglund observed how his daughter and her friends played with the toys he made it was clear that kids are hungry for these kinds of creative simple toys that put them and their incredible imaginations [...]

Stacking up some fun with Gibout Toys!


  Remember when your mom asked you to clean your room before company came over? This usually meant shoving your unsightly toys into the closet and hoping no one would open the door. That’s about to change… We’re excited to introduce a toy that inspires creativity, exercises the imagination and best of all adds room [...]

Dr. Toy Announces New iPhone App


Looking for the perfect toy or children’s gift? Use Dr. Toy’s app to narrow down the search! Dr. Toy, Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, is one of the world’s leading experts on play, toys, and children’s products. With 30 years of experience, her annual awards recognize the best in educational, developmental and skill building products on offer [...]

Peaceable Kingdom: A New Way To Play


Peaceable Kingdom has a mission – to teach kids to cooperate by playing board games. This winter, Peaceable Kingdom will launch five new cooperative board games. The collection includes Count Your Chickens, Hoot Owl Hoot, Lost Puppies, Mermaid Island and Stone Soup. Ideal for children three years of age and up, the games focus on [...]

Creating Products for Success

happy kids silhouettes playing in a park

by Deb de Sherbinin, KidSmart Can you answer these 10 key questions about your hot new product concept? An amazing number—85%—of all new products fail in the marketplace. How can you maximize your chances beating the odds? A good place to start is by developing an understanding of the 10 key factors that contribute to [...]

Film: Wooden Toy History


Wooden Toy History, a short promotional video for our History of Toys DVD, which is available from Crowe Productions. The History of Toys is ideal for educators museums and parents everywhere. Also available via Little Wood Studio, CV8 1NG, England UK.

Dr. Toy’s Tips for More Valuable Playtime


by Stevanne Auerbach, Dr. Toy Dr. Toy offers these suggestions for getting even more value from play. These guidelines are good anytime of the year to enrich your child’s experiences with toys and games and other products and will help you to make the time even more balanced and fun for your child: Locate a [...]

Cooperative Games: Returning to the Essence of Play


  by Anne Mijke van Harten, contributor to In cooperative games people play together instead of against each other. This results naturally in a win/win situation for all players. In less then no time, the focus has shifted from each one for themselves and trying to be the best, to working together to attain [...]

Cooperative Play from Bag-O-Loot

  Has this ever happened to you? You finally get the family around the table for game night and you are faced with two choices. You can play a game that is made for kids, but you would never play on your own; or you can play a game that you like but the kids [...]

Eco-Friendly Toys: How to Go Green


From Gifts & Decorative Accessories Toy industry recognizing, responding to sustainability issues Stevanne Auerbach Maple Landmark Blocks The world we live in is going through dramatic ecological and environmental changes. The toy industry is growing more aware of the issues and is becoming more responsive to the changes in a wide variety of ways. There [...]

A Whole New Environment in the Toy Industry


  How to Survive and Prosper by Rachel Murray Meyer In the summer of 2007 there were millions of toys recalled. Consumers Union labeled 2007 “The Year of the Recall.” The majority of these recalls were for design related issues such as small hazardous magnets and small parts in toys for children under three years [...]

Montgomery Schoolhouse ABC Blocks

Montgomery Schoolhouse ABC Blocks

Maple Landmark Montgomery Schoolhouse ABC Blocks A set of 28 blocks with a proportion assortment of letters and numbers for creating words and making arithmetic combinations. Each block is printed with letters, numbers and simple pictures such as a chair, tree, hat, duck, or telephone for word and object recognition practice. The 1 3/4″ cubes [...]

JigsawBlocks Fantasy Land

Jigsaw Blocks

HABA JigsawBlocks Fantasy Land Fantasy Land jigsaw blocks made of beech wood feature a different shape, color, picture, pattern or sound. There is a kaleidoscope block, mirror and also a little bell. Little hands will have fun manipulating building blocks. Arrange bear, mouse, lion and other animals into a jigsaw puzzle picture or pile them [...]

So you want to make (or sell, or market) toys.
Now what?


by David E. Fitzgibbons, CPC Executive Search Group Hello everybody. Before I tell you what to do, I think it’s important to tell you what not to do. To begin with, don’t ever pay an individual to get you a job! I think this is a serious waste of your money and, ethically, I have [...]

Dr. Toy Advocates More Play Time


Reprinted from San Francisco Chronicle March 1, 2010 She calls herself “Dr. Toy.” An educator and advocate for toys as tools for learning, Stevanne Auerbach has written 15 books, including “The Toy Chest: A Sourcebook of Toys for Children” (Lyle Stuart, 1986) and “Toys for a Lifetime: Enhancing Childhood Through Play” (Universe, 1999). Auerbach, 71, [...]

Dr. Toy’s Interview: Cleveland Plain Dealer


Trendy toys like Zhu Zhu Pets come and go, but classics like Play-Doh give us lasting funFrom the Cleveland Plain Dealer, February 20, 2010 This year, the Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters are all the rage. The little furry robots caught on like the Cabbage Patch dolls of yesteryear. The American International Toy Fair took place [...]

Walt Disney’s Pinocchio: The real life Gepetto


reprinted from Sunday Mercury News Feb 20, 2009 A toymaker from Warwickshire has become a real life Geppetto after being filmed for Disney’s re-mastered version of Pinocchio in Hollywood. Cyril Hobbins, from Kenilworth, has been making wooden toys for 20 years and Disney approached him to feature on the new DVD. Mr Hobbins said: “We [...]

Alabama Babies: The Alabama Indestructible Doll Story


Virginia Davis, Doll Reader Dolls leave an indestructible memory. If one crosses the Georgia line into Alabama one can lose an hour in time as the Eastern Time zone changes to Central time. However, as one enters the sleepy little town of Roanoke, Alabama time becomes irrelevant: big churches, family owned businesses, and lots of [...]

Cabbage Patch Kids: The Fantasy Continues


Virginia Davis, Doll Reader People dream of magic, and they tell stories of magical things, and every child believes in magic. But in Georgia, just over Yonah Mountain, there lies a valley that really is a magical place. Here the Koosas climb the trees, and the Bunny Bees sip nectar from magical plants, and the [...]