The Best Advice on Children's Products


Bonnie Braids


Virginia Davis, Doll Reader This month the New York Times ran an article on people buying less for their children. It said until recently the average child was receiving over seventy new toys a year and many were receiving as many as two new toys a week. Parents are now focusing more on quality playthings [...]

What Makes a Great Game?


by Connie Gee University Games As University Games approaches its 20th Anniversary and reflects on the more than 150 games introduced, there seems to be several common characteristics of a University Games’ game. Most importantly, University Games strive to mix learning and fun. Below is a nice checklist of the characteristics of a great playing [...]

Bay Area Women Toy Designers


Ten Bay Area Women Toy Designers, Companies, and Products.   1. Roly Poly Mirror Cone (Baby Ville/Manhattan), Del Greger:   2. Pack Rat Puppet (Folkmanis), Judy Folkmanis:   3. Ecosaucer™ (Green Toys), Laurie Hyman:   4. Madi Doll (Itty Bitty Toy Co), Stephanie Blythe:   5. Spin and Go Board Games (Peaceable Kingdom), Donna Jaffe, [...]

Bone Up On American History with Games


American History – David Niecikowski Contributing author, Bone up on some games that will help you bone up on American history. Download | PDF (opens in Acrobat) ♦ David Niecikowski is an expert on the use of board and card games to increase academic and social achievement. He is certified in Elementary Education and [...]

On Music For Young Children: The Lollipop Music Theory


by Bobby Susser We have all heard songs that grabbed our attention and wanted to hear them again and again. It could have been a catchy repetitive lyrical phrase, musical line, unusual rhythm, or perhaps an entire section of the song like the chorus. As adults, we often refer to songs that hook us this [...]

1920s Toy Theatre Newsreel


A newsreel from the early 1920s about a Toy Theatre maker. It shows a printmaker making up toy theatre sheets, preparing them for a show, and a bit of a show as well.

Quadro Phunzone

Quadro Phunzone

Quadro/Phunzone My First Quadro Kit Unique large-scale modular construction toy on which children can actually climb, crawl, slide and play in and out of doors. You can easily assemble the colorful, precision engineered thermoplastic components into different desired configurations. Larger designs can be created simply by adding more components or accessories like slides or wheels. [...]



  Museum Tour Catalog WonderMaze Construction toy helps sharpen navigational skills while teaching children valuable lessons in teamwork and physics. WonderMaze’s magnetic backing holds gravity slides, angled slopes, spinners and pegs that become active as balls enter the maze. includes six feature pieces, elbow ramps, two tunnels, six balls and one catch box.

Froebel Gifts

Froebel Gifts

Uncle Goose Toys Froebel Gifts The Gifts are designed to stimulate all five senses, build language skills, and help children perceive the unity in all things. They learn about art, math, and nature. The materials in Froebel’s class included wood, shapes, clay, origami, painting, weaving, paper, drawing, and other activities. What Froebel knew 150 years [...]

Quadrilla Twist and Rail Set

Quadrilla Twist Rail Set

Hape International Quadrilla Twist and Rail Set The Quadrilla marble run is a truly “open-ended” toy that can help a child assemble structures that will demonstrate some fundamental – but fascinating – principles of construction. A child may not know it, but Quadrilla can help her or him experience the process of design as they [...]

TINKERTOY® Construction set


  Playskool/Hasbro TINKERTOY® Construction set Preschoolers have a great way to start building and creating. With classic real wood pieces, TINKERTOY® has been building smiles and learning since 1913. Durable wood and plastic pieces fit together easily in a variety of configurations. Each TINKERTOY® set includes easy-to-follow design suggestions—or encourages child to build whatever can [...]

Parent to Parent: Avoid Tantrums in Toy Aisle


By Betsy Flagler Buffalo News November 16, 2009 As meltdowns occur in toy aisles across the nation, do your little ones a big favor. Understand that sensory overloads on empty tummies bring on screaming fits. Make this the year for teamwork. Go shopping alone if possible to keep little minds from getting too stimulated by [...]

Lincoln Logs Collector’s Edition


K’NEX Industries LincolnLogs Collector’s Edition Original Lincoln Logs in the original color palate, great green roof slats, and red chimneys are completely restored. The feeling of nostalgia for anyone who remembers the fun they had playing with their Lincoln logs. Everyone in the family can have fun putting buildings together. 1916 was year Frank Lloyd [...]

Dr. Toy’s Product Safety Tips

5 Primary Schooler

Dr. Toy outlines a dozen easy things to remember about toy safety, playing with children, and choosing new toys: Specifically for parents with children under the age of six: Observe what the child is currently playing with in the home. (Particularly if there is an older sibling in the home.) The younger child may want [...]

What Makes a Game a “Classic”?


  by Arline Wall, contributor to Ask any toy industry veteran and you’ll get enough answers to fill several books, but the true test is staying power. Enduring games such as Monopoly, Life, and Candy Land (soon to be a motion picture) were invented many years ago and are still played today. I was [...]

Wee Waffle® Blocks

Wee Waffle Blocks

Little Tikes/MGA Entertainment Wee Waffle® Blocks Blocks help little builders grow their big imaginations, making anything from a castle to a launching pad! Includes 36 colorful interlocking blocks: 18 solid, 12 window and 6 door blocks. Convenient bucket for storage. Use holes on the lid as a stable building base for their big projects.

Dr. Toy’s Tips for Keeping Toys Clean and Safe

2 Baby

Watch for small parts, sharp edges, loose ties, or other possible dangers for small children under the age of 3. Be sure products are labeled “nontoxic.” Cover exposed electric sockets. Watch for loose electric wires and other potential household hazards. Toys that are handled frequently by infants and toddlers should be cleaned and disinfected daily [...]

LEGO Systems


LEGO Systems House Young architects can recreate the house of their dreams. Complete with roof bricks, windows, doors and fences, this house will have budding architects and designers living in style! Includes step-by-step instructions for building and rebuilding three structures in one box, plus photo inspiration for many more. 1174 pieces.

Meccano: Erector Sets

erector set

  Erector Sets A staple of children’s development for over 90 years. Developed by A. C. Gilbert in 1913, many generations have benefited from the realistic building components and open-ended play that is encouraged by erector sets. In recent years Meccano has refreshed the Erector set principle with dozens of innovative kits that allow children [...]

Bamboo Contina

Bamboo Contina

Hape International – Bamboo Contina The construction possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination with 120 lightweight tiles in 8 color, black and natural finishes. Eco-friendly bamboo was used to create this creative construction set.

Doll (and Teddy Bears) Collectors Information


Virginia Davis, Doll Reader In the 1990s, Doll Collecting became the third hottest collectible in the United States: with stamps and coins taking the two top positions. Doll Reader was one of the first doll magazines for doll collectors, it debuted over thirty years ago, as just a newsletter and grew to be a bi-monthly [...]

Dr Toy Includes Canadian Products on 100 Best List


You know the fourth quarter is approaching when Dr. Stevanne Auerbach (a.k.a. Dr. Toy), North America’s favourite play expert, releases her annual 100 Best Children’s Products List. Always a well-researched compilation of items — from board games to robotics — this year’s list includes product from five Canadian companies. Sharing the spotlight with some of [...]

Toobers & Zots


Hands On Toys – Toobers & Zots Bright colored foam tubes from 2 to 4 feet long are easily bendable. Assorted shapes fit on the tubes like beads. Children will create to their hearts content. They will make head pieces, animals, or anything else young artists wants to create. This product offers many, fun tactile [...]



GreenHouse International AirBlox Inflatable block building and construction toy unique life sized construction toy allows children to build an almost unlimited number of structures easily, quickly and safely with clips. Ideal for both boys and girls geometrically shaped panels inflate in seconds, large yet lightweight, and safe with no sharp edges. Macro valve allows for [...]