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Peaceable Kingdom: A New Way To Play


Peaceable Kingdom has a mission – to teach kids to cooperate by playing board games. This winter, Peaceable Kingdom will launch five new cooperative board games. The collection includes Count Your Chickens, Hoot Owl Hoot, Lost Puppies, Mermaid Island and Stone Soup. Ideal for children three years of age and up, the games focus on [...]

Cooperative Games: Returning to the Essence of Play


  by Anne Mijke van Harten, contributor to In cooperative games people play together instead of against each other. This results naturally in a win/win situation for all players. In less then no time, the focus has shifted from each one for themselves and trying to be the best, to working together to attain [...]

Cooperative Play from Bag-O-Loot

  Has this ever happened to you? You finally get the family around the table for game night and you are faced with two choices. You can play a game that is made for kids, but you would never play on your own; or you can play a game that you like but the kids [...]

Bone Up On American History with Games


American History – David Niecikowski Contributing author, Bone up on some games that will help you bone up on American history. Download | PDF (opens in Acrobat) ♦ David Niecikowski is an expert on the use of board and card games to increase academic and social achievement. He is certified in Elementary Education and [...]

What Makes a Game a “Classic”?


  by Arline Wall, contributor to Ask any toy industry veteran and you’ll get enough answers to fill several books, but the true test is staying power. Enduring games such as Monopoly, Life, and Candy Land (soon to be a motion picture) were invented many years ago and are still played today. I was [...]