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Curiositoys: Inspire Creative Play

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Why Curiositoys? As an artist and designer, Dave Berglund understands that curiosity is essential to the creative process. That’s why his award-winning toys use three-dimensional shapes and open, white space to spark kids’ curiosity and inspire the creative play that’s essential to their healthy development.

Children are naturally driven by their curiosity to explore, imagine and create. Berglund, founder of Metamorphic Toys, witnessed this firsthand when he began to design toys for his two-year-old daughter using recycled corrugated cardboard. He discovered that the unique, open-space toys sparked her imagination and inspired her to invent her own personal play activities. Suddenly, she began playing, exploring, and creating in ways she hadn’t before.

Pure Three-Dimensional Forms

After witnessing the joy his daughter experienced playing with these toys and the pride of her creations, Berglund set out to share his toys with as many children as possible, and launched Metamorphic Toys in 2011.

Berglund quickly discovered that the toys inspired other children to express themselves in unique ways, each one turning the uncluttered, three-dimensional forms into the personal creations they wanted them to be.

Metamorphic’s Everythingland Mailbox and Silly Signs went on to win numerous accolades and awards from teachers and toy experts, but Berglund knew the best was yet to come. Curiositoys takes his original concept a step further, with toys that are more abstract, more curious, more open-ended, and even more inspiring and fun.

Curiositoys Curio Pod

Numerous families have tested the Curiositoys Curio Pod, Berglund’s latest design, and they are amazed at the level of engagement children have with the toy, and how deeply attached their kids are to it. Despite its abstract shape and form, children become connected to these personal creations like they do a Teddy bear.

For Berglund, it’s exciting to see the growing success of his unique vision. “I see parents able to relax as their kids stay engaged with the toy for long periods of time,” he says. “And I am thrilled that children can benefit from creative imaginative play that is critical to healthy cognitive, social, and emotional development. This Curiositoys vision is why I created these toys.”

Please visit us at to learn more and see when the Curio Pod will be available.

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